A downloadable game for Android

A VR prototype where you can give commands using your voice to switch between tools, colours and sizes to make art on a canvas.

- Made using Unity, Oculus Interaction SDK and Wit.ai.
- Tested on Oculus Quest 1.

- Press any button on either left or right controller to switch between left and right-handed.
- Press the primary button to start listening for voice commands.
- Press the secondary button to cancel listening early.

Art tool, colour and size options
- You can switch between 4 art tools (Pen, paint brush, spray can, eraser)
- There are 12 colour options (Black, white, grey, red, green, blue, light blue, orange, yellow, pink, purple, brown)
- You can choose between 3 sizes (Small, medium, large)
- It is possible to change tool, colour or size individually, or you can change two or all three at the same time.

Example voice commands
- "Can I have a large yellow brush"
- "I'd like a green pen"
- "Make it smaller"
- "Change it to orange"
- "I need an eraser"
- "Can I get a medium spray paint in purple please"
- "I don't like this"



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